Job 28-30

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Job 28

Surely there is a mine for silver

And a place for gold which they refine.

2 Iron is taken out of the earth,

And copper is molten out of the stone.

3 Man sets an end to darkness,

And searches out, to the farthest boundary,

The stones of obscurity and of thick darkness.

4 He breaks open a shaft away from where men sojourn;

They are forgotten of the foot;

They hang afar from men, they swing to and fro.

5 As for the earth, out of it comes bread;

And underneath it is turned up as it were by fire.

6 The stones of it are the place of sapphires,

And it has dust of gold.

7 That path no bird of prey knows,

Neither has the falcon’s eye seen it:

8 The proud beasts have not trodden it,

Nor has the fierce lion passed by it.

9 He puts forth his hand upon the flinty rock;

He overturns the mountains by the roots.

10 He cuts out channels among the rocks;

And his eye sees every precious thing.

11 He binds the streams that they trickle not;

And the thing that is hid brings he forth to light.

12 But where shall wisdom be found?

And where is the place of understanding?

13 Man knows not the price of it;

Neither is it found in the land of the living.

14 The deep says, It is not in me;

And the sea says, It is not with me.

15 It cannot be gotten for gold,

Neither shall silver be weighed for the price of it.

16 It cannot be valued with the gold of Ophir,

With the precious onyx, or the sapphire.

17 Gold and glass cannot equal it,

Neither shall it be exchanged for jewels of fine gold.

18 No mention shall be made of coral or of crystal:

Yes, the price of wisdom is above rubies.

19 The topaz of Ethiopia shall not equal it,

Neither shall it be valued with pure gold.

20 From where then comes wisdom?

And where is the place of understanding?

21 Seeing it is hid from the eyes of all living,

And kept close from the birds of the heavens.

22 Destruction and Death say,

We have heard a rumor of it with our ears.

23 Elohim understands the way of it,

And he knows the place of it.

24 For he looks to the ends of the earth,

And sees under the whole heaven;

25 To make a weight for the wind:

He measures out the waters by measure.

26 When he made a decree for the rain,

And a way for the lightning of the thunder;

27 Then he saw it, and declared it;

He established it, yes, and searched it out.

28 And to man he said,

Behold, the fear of Yahweh, that is wisdom;

And to depart from evil is understanding.



Job 29

And Job again took up his parable, and said,

2 Oh that I were as in the months of old,

As in the days when Eloah watched over me;

3 When his lamp shined upon my head,

And by his light I walked through darkness;

4 As I was in the ripeness of my days,

When the friendship of Eloah was upon my tent;

5 When the Almighty was yet with me,

And my children were about me;

6 When my steps were washed with butter,

And the rock poured me out streams of oil!

7 When I went forth to the gate to the city,

When I prepared my seat in the street,

8 The young men saw me and hid themselves,

And the aged rose up and stood;

9 The princes refrained from talking,

And laid their hand on their mouth;

10 The voice of the nobles was hushed,

And their tongue clung to the roof of their mouth.

11 For when the ear heard me, then it blessed me;

And when the eye saw me, it gave witness to me:

12 Because I delivered the poor that cried,

The fatherless also, that had no one to help him.

13 The blessing of him that was ready to perish came upon me;

And I caused the widow’s heart to sing for joy.

14 I put on righteousness, and it clothed me:

My justice was as a robe and a diadem.

15 I was eyes to the blind,

And feet was I to the lame.

16 I was a father to the needy:

And the cause of him that I knew not I searched out.

17 And I broke the jaws of the unrighteous,

And plucked the prey out of his teeth.

18 Then I said, I shall die in my nest,

And I shall multiply my days as the sand:

19 My root is spread out to the waters,

And the dew lies all night upon my branch.

20 My glory is fresh in me,

And my bow is renewed in my hand.

21 To me men gave ear, and waited,

And kept silence for my counsel.

22 After my words they spoke not again;

And my speech distilled upon them.

23 And they waited for me as for the rain;

And they opened their mouth wide as for the latter rain.

24 I smiled on them, when they had no confidence;

And the light of my countenance they cast not down.

25 I chose out their way, and sat as chief,

And dwelt as a king in the army,

As one that comforts the mourners.



Job 30

But now they that are younger than I have me in derision,

Whose fathers I disdained to set with the dogs of my flock.

2 Yes, the strength of their hands, to what should it profit me?

Men in whom ripe age is perished.

3 They are gaunt with want and famine;

They gnaw the dry ground, in the gloom of wasteness and desolation.

4 They pluck salt-wort by the bushes;

And the roots of the broom are their food.

5 They are driven forth from the middle of men;

They cry after them as after a thief;

6 So that they dwell in frightful valleys,

In holes of the earth and of the rocks.

7 Among the bushes they bray;

Under the nettles they are gathered together.

8 They are children of fools, yes, children of base men;

They were scourged out of the land.

9 And now I have become their song,

Yes, I am a byword to them.

10 They abhor me, they stand aloof from me,

And spare not to spit in my face.

11 For he has loosed his cord, and afflicted me;

And they have cast off the bridle before me.

12 Upon my right hand rise the rabble;

They thrust aside my feet,

And they cast up against me their ways of destruction.

13 They mar my path,

They set forward my calamity,

Even men that have no helper.

14 As through a wide breach they come:

In the middle of the ruin they roll themselves upon me.

15 Terrors have turned upon me;

They chase my honor as the wind;

And my welfare has passed away as a cloud.

16 And now my soul is poured out within me;

Days of affliction have taken hold upon me.

17 In the night season my bones are pierced in me,

And the pains that gnaw me take no rest.

18 By Elohim’s great force is my garment disfigured;

It binds me about as the collar of my coat.

19 He has cast me into the mire,

And I have become like dust and ashes.

20 I cry to you, and you do not answer me:

I stand up, and you gaze at me.

21 You have turned to be cruel to me;

With the might of your hand you persecuted me.

22 You lift me up to the wind, you cause me to ride upon it;

And you dissolve me in the storm.

23 For I know that you will bring me to death,

And to the house appointed for all living.

24 However does not one stretch out the hand in his fall?

Or in his calamity therefore cry for help?

25 Did I not weep for him that was in trouble?

Was not my soul grieved for the needy?

26 When I looked for good, then evil came;

And when I waited for light, there came darkness.

27 My heart is troubled, and rests not;

Days of affliction are come upon me.

28 I go mourning without the sun:

I stand up in the assembly, and cry for help.

29 I am a brother to jackals,

And a companion to ostriches.

30 My skin is black, and falls from me,

And my bones are burned with heat.

31 Therefore is my harp turned to mourning,

And my pipe into the voice of them that weep.


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